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Spa Experience: Vitalí Spa, Mexico City, Mexico

On arrival at Vitalí Spa in the quaint neighborhood of Condesa, Mexico City, guests are welcomed at the detox bar, where an assortment of healthy shots, juices and home brewed kombucha are served. Continue to the movement space where an instructor guides guests through a sequence of gentle stretches and movements to increase body awareness before relaxing for a guided meditation.

On to the next step of the journey, where guests relax on comfortable loungers, a choice of aromas is offered and guests also choose an energetic healing crystal for the ritual. An eye mask is placed over the eyes before an incredibly relaxing foot and lower leg massage is performed.

Guests are then led to the treatment room for the massage service, which includes a variety of techniques designed to release muscle tension, relax and rejuvenate whilst maintaining presence in the moment.

At the end of this beautiful journey of connection, take a moment to enjoy a tea, a sweet treat and a note of appreciation, folded thoughtfully into an origami crane, while sitting in one of two hanging cocoon chairs. As the daylight fades into evening, Vitalí Spa’s eclectic decor is lit up creating a warming ambience, alcoves housing crystal and Tibetan singing bowls come alive, and a giant mandala in the front courtyard sparkles with fairy lights.

Membership options and treatment packages are also available at Vitalí Spa, so guests can visit regularly and enjoy the facilities, including the infrared sauna for muscle tension relief, the steam room, and the oxygen bar to clear the airways with aromatherapy and increase vitality. Guests and members can also benefit from a range of classes such as yoga and tai chi and rituals and classes such as sound healing and cacao ceremonies.



By Sara Jones

Author: Fabiola

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