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A Wellness Experience: Biohacking Center, Mexico City, Mexico

Once considered a practice reserved for elite athletes and successful Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, biohacking has now firmly entered the mainstream market. Biohacking finds ways to ‘hack’ into our biological operating systems to enhance our physical, mental and cognitive performance.

At Biohacking Center, in Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City, an array of therapies are available to help guests optimize their bodies and brains. Guests looking to achieve peak health and wellness via a course or package of treatments will start with an in-depth consultation, which may consist of biometric scanning, body composition analysis, emotional balance, biorhythms, minerals, trace elements, and heavy metals in the body, in combination with data available from wearable devices such as Fitbit or apple watch, etc. Based on the results, a treatment plan, package or membership is proposed.

Relax on a crystal mat that infuses infrared heat therapy deep into the muscles and joints and applies pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF), these therapies combine to stimulate cell function to optimal level, reduce pain and improve muscle function and tissue repair. While receiving this therapy add a meditative aspect to calm the mind. The PandoraStar, an advanced strobe light technology, can be placed above the head. With eyes closed the movements and frequencies of the light promote electromagnetic activity, producing awe-inspiring colors and patterns, synchronizing brain waves and stimulating the pineal gland. After becoming accustomed to the light stimulation, enter a deep state of relaxation which can help to regulate sleep patterns, enhance creativity, strengthen your memory, and increase focus and concentration.

Feel ‘Superhuman’, with a combination of three treatments including electromagnetic pulsation to stimulate deeper muscle and nerve tissue, inducing muscle contraction and neuromodulation, resulting in muscle strengthening and toning, reduced pain and inflammation, improved cell metabolism, blood circulation and oxygen absorption. The second therapy is the use of red and infrared light to penetrate the cells activating their metabolism, improving tissue recovery and enhancing collagen and elastin production. Finally, a hydrogen humidifier placed in front of the nose to inhale helps to repair cell damage, reducing oxidative stress and supporting longevity.

Recuperate with an IV drip or enjoy a lymphatic drainage massage with compression boots as you recline under red light therapy and discover new realms with a VR headset. In the ‘Lab & Cafe’, enjoy drinks and herb-infused concoctions that provide micronutrients, natural nootropics like mushrooms and adaptogenic plants that can enhance physical and cognitive abilities.

One of the most popular ways to ‘biohack’ is via cold therapy, with numerous benefits and a recent surge in popularity worldwide, taking an ice bath is one effective way of receiving cold exposure. For novices to the practice, biohacking center has a breathwork coach to help prepare for the ice plunge. Their custom-made glass-sided tub sits in a treatment suite equipped with an infrared sauna for those wanting to practice contrast therapy between heat and cold exposure.



By Sara Jones


Author: Fabiola

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