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Digital Wellness for the Workplace

Digital wellness at workplace

Hybrid and fully remote work is here to stay, and that’s why digital wellness matters

Click. Pause. Scroll. Repeat. This is the pattern that fills 38% of our waking hours. The shift to remote and hybrid work that came as a result of the pandemic blurred the boundaries of work & life like never before. More time spent on Zoom led to fatigue; more fatigue contributed to lower productivity; lower productivity resulted in more hours after work playing catch up, which created an unvirtuous cycle of work-related communications at all hours of the day and night.

Do you feel that your screen time has risen in just a few short years? If yes, you’re not alone. Since 2020, daily average screen time for employees has increased 5 hours per person from their pre-pandemic levels. Is it any wonder why people are ‘quiet quitting’ in the midst of the ‘great resignation?’ This current state of constant connectivity is impacting employee wellbeing and productivity. Not only is it not sustainable, but it’s simply not good business. A few of the world’s leading companies are using digital wellness as a strategy to help reimagine technology’s impact on employees, both at work and at home.

At work, our assessment: Insights, provides a relevant and accurate snapshot of employee wellbeing taking into consideration factors that do not show up on traditional engagement surveys, yet play silent and significant roles in the employee experience.

At home, the digital flourishing survey can orient personal screen time habits along a continuum of Digital Detox to Digital Addiction, all while considering its impact across the 8 dimensions of the Digital Flourishing™ Wheel.

Together, the two provide a roadmap that orients individuals and their organizations on a healthier tech-life journey. So, as we continue to navigate life and work in the digital era, ask: aren’t we all in need of a little digital wellness?



By Tyler Rice, Amy Blankson, and Nina Hersher
Digital Wellness institute

Author: Fabiola