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World Spa


1571 McDonald Ave
Brooklyn, New York
United States

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In the heart of Brooklyn, just a metro ride away from Manhattan, the World Spa offers guests a taste of luxury with extensive hydrothermal experiences from around the globe at a price point affordable to most. This wellness mecca boasts a range of heat and cold experiences with pools, snow, salt, aroma, infrared and ice all incorporated into the fun!

The Event Sauna, high heat with low humidity, is host to aufguss rituals, where heat is moved around the sauna using towel movements. Also enjoy the Infrared Sauna to deeply relax muscles, the Aroma Sauna lined with fragrant juniper wood, and the Clay & Hay Sauna, representative of an indigenous Mesoamerican Temazcal chamber.

Russian banyas, lined with large rustic logs of Kelo wood provide heat with medium humidity, enjoy the Grand Banya where guests are invited to thwack the venik (bunches of twigs from birch or oak tree) against their skin or to use it to circulate warm air around the banya. The beautifully tiled Moroccan Hammam, at 50% humidity, and the Turkish Hammam, at 80% humidity, are equipped with refreshing showers to cool off in between sessions.

One of the highlights here is the glass fronted Snow Room, filled with small peaks of snow, reminiscent of mountains, with space to sit, throw a snowball, or apply snow to the body to cool off. Another cold therapy option is the Polar Plunge pool, with chunks of ice floating in the water this refreshing dip will cool the body instantly allowing guests to continue practicing contrast therapy and enjoy the saunas.

A Himalayan Salt Room, aglow with the amber light of salt-block walls, provides a great place to relax and enjoy inhaling micronized salt particles which aid in respiratory health.

A central restaurant area serves food and cocktails to complete the experience and private event spaces are available in addition to individual spa treatments.

By Sara Jones, Editor


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