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Villa del Palmar Cancun


Villa del Palmar Cancun
Carretera a Punta Sam Km. 5.2 Mza 9 Lote 3 SM-2
Cancún, Quintana Roo

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The Village Spa

Review by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

The Village Spa was inspired by the energy guardians of the Mayan civilization, which is considered one of the most developed cultures of ancient times. These ancient settlers of Mesoamerica are known for preserving their millenarian wisdom through generations.

The legend states that Chaac, the god of rain and prosperity, embodied the integral rejuvenation of the soul. As one of the main spiritual guides, he symbolized the four cardinal points. His identity is represented in a T shape for the tears that fell from his eyes and invoked these four cardinal points, which touched the Ukux kaj or heart of heaven.

Through this God, Mayans believed to obtain good harvests. During drought days, a special ceremony was held to please Chaac and eliminate any negativity in the air. The ceremony consisted of tossing offerings into the water as a symbol of purification, while chanting requests for an abundant harvest. These rituals were designed as much by Mayan art as by the magic of their customs, thus achieving with it the complete envelopment of the senses and the blossoming of a path to ultimate well-being.

Village Spa has 8 rooms for treatments, 2 of them are for couples, and the other 6 are single rooms. Each of the 8 cabins are called Tikales and represent one of the various natural elements: Land – lu’um, Fire – k’aak’, Air – jik’, Water – ha’, Sun – k’jin, Heaven – ka’an, Moon – uh, Star – eek. The Spa also offers Jacuzzi, steam room, hot/cold lagoon and Swiss showers.

Sara Jones


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