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Mar Abierto

Review by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

The 6,500 square foot Mar Abierto Spa at MarAdentro Resort is a testament to the ingenuity of Mexico’s famed and world-renowned architect, Miguel Angel Aragonés. His idealistic desire to create an area of calm surrealistic beauty combines with his futuristic ideas – and works magnificently.

Mar Adentro Resort, meaning the sea within, is a study in white and water. It is as if the stark buildings were built on top of the water, floating toward the sea. The serenity invites those who wish to partake in delicious services in an underground-underwater spa.

A winding walkway leads gradually downward to Mar Abierto Spa, open sea, to the Water Mirrors where one might want to sit and begin to ‘unplug’ the mind. Special lighting reflects on the walls creating an ethereal scene while contemporary music adds to the ambiance with sound.

A sauna, steam room and hot and cold pools add to the overall enjoyment of relaxation in this holistic environment. A welcoming ritual includes a foot cleanse bringing attention from the outside world to the present. Ten private cabins – seven single and three for couples – are equipped with private showers and dressing areas.

A selection of essential oils is chosen for each guest. Services include facials for detoxification or conditioning and hydration. These firm the skin – ideal for before or after sun exposure. Choose from several massages: therapeutic, relaxing, or the ultimate massage experience finishing with a facial cleanse. Heat applied to specific areas of the spine or neck during the treatment provides a healing sensation and muscular release.

An intimate salon offers manicures, pedicures, polish changes and hair styling. A fully equipped 1,080 square foot gym is also available for guests.

Sandra A. Berry
Associated Editor


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