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Samai Lodge Holistic Living


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Submerged in one of the last humid tropical forest areas of the Ecuadorian coast, we found a true paradise away from the noise and daily stress. Surrounded by mountains, with a spectacular view, located at 300 meters above sea level and great biodiversity of fauna and flora, it is easy to reconnect with oneself. The retreat cabins are built using organic materials, blending them with their surroundings. Samai offers a wide range of unique services, including shamanic healing, sacred retreat workshops and spiritual readings, chakra balancing, yoga and meditation, a range of massages and body treatments, and hand and foot reflexology. Plant medicine ceremonies like ayahuasca and a fermented tobacco plant infusion are conducted with a certified shaman bringing 40 years of experience.

Sunset is an impressive spectacle at Samai Lodge, watch from the pool deck or enjoy the Jacuzzi as the sun sets into the Pacific, accompanied by the symphony of the jungle. A 15-minute morning walk down the mountain is an ideal sunrise activity before breakfast. Hiking in the jungle surrounding Samai, you may catch a glimpse of a ‘sajino’ (wild pig) and hear the howler monkeys that live close by, the contrasting flora and fauna comprises a unique ecosystem in the middle of the dry forest, characteristic of the territory.

The Samai spa facilities include a steam room, a swimming pool with ocean views and a forest Jacuzzi. Enjoy the signature massage experience which brings together a range of techniques including sound healing and aromatherapy in addition to a pressure point massage aligning the ten major energy channels to release blocked energy and increase vitality. Tight muscles are awakened and loosened, while organic products leave the skin glowing.

Take part in an ancestral shamanic healing, after a brief introductory speech in a candlelit room, an egg will be moved slowly over the whole body, once cracked into a glass, a diagnosis of the body’s physical state and condition. Via this ancestral reading, each individual receives a different experience using elements of glass, stones, various essential oils and even fire. This Andean and Amazonian healing technique gives a sense of renewal to the body and mind, instilling energy and vitality.

By Margarita Cardoso and Alessandro Bo
Associated editors

Samai Lodge Holistic Living

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