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Sadahaka Healing Sounds Retreat at Holistika Tulum


Sadahaka Healing Sounds Retreat at Holistika Tulum
manzana 902 Av. 10 sur lote 4, zona 11,, Tulum
Quintana Roo

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Review by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

Situated on the outskirts of Tulum, a small beach town on the Riviera Maya, Holistika Tulum is tucked away next to the jungle. Host to healing retreats and a wide variety of wellness activities, Holistika has become a ‘mecca’ of sorts, for those looking for connection with mother earth and spirituality, and disconnection from daily life.

The open layout and winding paths through the property provide the perfect setting to immerse yourself in nature. Find daily affirmations and endless ‘grammable’ picture opportunities as you roam the grounds; don’t miss the meditative art walk featuring impressive sculptures, designs and murals – even the abstract, eclectic architecture of the wellness spaces could be considered art.

Joining Javier Bautista, I attended the Sadahaka Healing Sounds Retreat which offered an itinerary of intentional mediation, sound healing and breathwork, power yoga, dance, shamanic energy balancing movement, plant medicine experiences, kirtan circles and of course a temazcal, a trip to the beach and a swim in a cenote, the sacred underground rivers indicative of the Riviera Maya region of Mexico.

Sound, music and the power of the voice play a large role in the six day wellness journey. Javier aims to bring his retreat guests back to ‘integridad de la unidad’ meaning unity or wholeness – our original state of being where old traumas can be released along with pain and fear, allowing a return to love. The most profound experience for me was a meditation and breathwork session culminating in freestyle dance and energy balancing movement set in the spectacular ‘Domo’ – a unique, dome-shaped studio decorated with mirror-tiled alcoves and a mandala patterned floor. While inside the intimate dome, music fills the space and resonates through the body, adding to the power of the practice.

Holiksta Tulum is home to Tierra, a restaurant offering a range of vegan and vegetarian dishes aiming for cruelty-free and ‘boring-free’ creations, bringing together toxin-free, plant-based meals infused with flavor, local ingredients, and love. Tierra certainly didn’t disappoint, with healthy, filling and nutritious meals served in the open air communal dining space, shared with other guests at the complex.

The temazcal is another unmissable experience, a traditional Mayan sweat lodge set in a small domed structure made from mortar and stone, it represents mother nature’s womb. The ceremony encourages a process of deep reflection, prayer and meditation in a powerful sacred space while the elements of steam, heat, darkness and ritual merge to awaken the inner spirit – through discomfort comes relief as you emerge reborn.

Sara Jones


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