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Rockhouse Hotel & Spa


West End Road
Negril, Jamaica

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Rockhouse Spa

Review by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

Located on the West End Cliffs, just a few kilometers from Negril’s famous Seven Mile Beach, the Rockhouse Hotel and Spa offers guests a luxury seaside retreat with spectacular views over the Caribbean waters. Eight acres of tropical gardens are laced with stone pathways winding between the cliffedge pool to thatched-roof stone villas. The ocean view villas are the highlight of Rockhouse due to their expansive cliffside sunbathing areas, many with private entrances directly into the sea.

As you pass the spa, hand-painted signs in the gardens remind you to ‘keep the vibes calm’. The spa itself is a modest pavilion where massages take place in one of three rooms circled around a central water feature. Opt for a massage-on-the-rocks at one of the two seaside, clifftop cabanas perched directly above the turquoise waters. First-time visitors receive a complimentary cleansing foot ritual, designed to heal and invigorate, starting from the bottom-up.

Whether you want to detoxify, release tension, or relax from your massage or bathing ritual, choose between three Caribbean aromatherapy essences: Rapture, Release, and Restore. Inspired by the Caribbean and bursting with its vitality and energy, these natural ingredients are indigenous to the island.

Among the most magical treatments at the Rockhouse Spa are the bathing rituals. These bathing rituals respect bathing as an ancient art; a process that’s prominent amongst many religions and throughout history. A wooden pathway leads you from the massage rooms up to the Bath House, tucked in a corner behind the gardens. As you walk into the Bath House, you’re greeted by two standing bathtubs, full of the healing concoction of your choice, each made up of unique botanicals, herbs, spices, flower petals, and more. Once submerged, a wooden tray is placed across the tub, topped with fresh fruits alongside a ‘wellness shot’ of ginger root, cayenne pepper, and pineapple. When the sliding wooden doors are opened, your bath becomes a secluded, open-air experience with panoramic views over the cliffs to the bright blue waters. Soak for 30-minutes while enjoying the surroundings before relax in the peaceful garden area with a cup of tea.

By By Danielle Owen
Associated editor

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