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Miraval Berkshires


55 Lee Rd
Lenox, Massachusetts
United States

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Life in Balance Spa

Review by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

Miraval has been offering transformational wellness journeys since 1995 when the iconic Miraval Arizona opened its doors. After opening Miraval Austin in 2019, Miraval Berkshires was the newest addition to the group opening in 2020. Offering daily wellness programming, exquisite spa experiences, excellent cuisine, and a host of in-house and visiting wellness specialists, Miraval invites guests to curate a wellness itinerary based on a single intention or a combination of many, such as self-connection, reconnection with another, mental wellbeing, outdoor adventure, grief and loss, or nutrition to name a few.

Peace and tranquility await your arrival at Miraval; if you’re arriving during the winter months, you’ll surely be greeted by a glowing fireplace as you step inside the cozy lounge-style reception area. Pass through hallways lined with works of art to reach the cottage-style rooms, body and mindfulness center, wellness and yoga studios, Harvest Moon dining hall, and Life in Balance Spa.

An experience concierge can help to personalize your schedule of experiences; a handy brochure explains the scores of activities on offer. Connect spirit and soul with ‘Tibetan Tones’ – held in the vibrational sound chamber, the soothing sound of the bowls lulls you into a meditative state as you disconnect from day-to-day thoughts.

Explore your creative expression with ‘The Way of the Wheel’ – absorb yourself in the meditative experience of pottery as the wheel spins and your mind stops. Brew kombucha and appreciate ‘Tea with Intention’ or venture out to the farm and gardens to learn about ‘Fantastic Fungi’, beekeeping, or mastering microgreens. Face your fears with the ‘Flying Squirrel’ activity, taking flight 35-feet above the ground!

A variety of yoga classes are available including aerial yoga and stand-up paddleboard yoga. A floating meditation class in the aerial yoga studio allows you to drift off into another realm lulled by the music and the gentle motion of the sling hammock.

The all-inclusive plan offers guests a wide variety of locally grown, organic and nutrient rich food, catering to every palate and dietary restriction. The Life in Balance kitchen also offers culinary journeys where a private chef pairs each course of freshly prepared cuisine with an exquisite wine.

At the Life in Balance Spa, guests are welcomed by an impressive circular sculpture incorporating yin and yang symbols, an enormous smokey quartz crystal, and piles of smooth river stones perfectly balanced. The dimly-lit wood-paneled hallway leads to the spa, where guests can enjoy the sauna, steam room, and Jacuzzi while sipping fruit-infused water flavored with orange-grapefruit or raspberry-lime. An indoor-outdoor pool leads to an open terrace with a Jacuzzi positioned in front of an open fireplace; perfect for cold winter evenings. A relaxation area with a central chiminea creates the ideal nook to curl up with a good book or relax with friends.

With 28 treatments rooms, Life in Balance Spa is host to treatment techniques from around the world; Ayurveda, Eastern philosophies, energy medicine, herbology, and aromatherapy combine to offer exceptional experiences. The ‘Juniper Leg and Foot’ treatment is one not to be missed; an intense deep-pressure massage incorporating juniper, birchbark, and magnesium to alleviate cramps, muscle soreness and stimulate circulation, leaving you feeling invigorated and light on your feet. The ‘Essence of Miraval’ facial combines whole-seed ingredients rich in antioxidants; the petal pecan mask from Austin brightens and firms, honeysuckle sage elixir from Arizona nourishes the skin while Berkshire’s tulsi rose balm seals in moisture.

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