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Mansión Solis


Av. Acueducto 344 Col. Chapultepec Norte
Morelia, Michoacán

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Spa Amor en Silencio

Reviewed by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

Just minutes from the colonial downtown of Morelia, Michoacan, along the 240 year-old aqueduct, guests can enjoy the tranquility of the Amor en Silencio spa, located in the Mansion Solis hotel, developed by well-known singer Marco Antonio Solis.

An initial consultation includes choosing the intensity of the massage and selecting the essential oil that appeals most, a sign of the guest’s current state of mind. As guests enter the spa, they are welcomed by natural wood and stone construction combined with warm, soft lighting to set the atmosphere. The treatment ‘Ando por las Nubes’ (A Walk in the Clouds) starts with a welcome ritual that includes a short meditation while the eyes are covered with a sleep mask, at the same time a foot massage induces a state of relaxation. The selected essential oil permeates the enclosed space and is used throughout the 60-minute full body massage.

The hydrotherapy area at Amor en Silencio consists of a sauna, followed by a steam room with a refreshing cool water shower just a chain pull away, and a jacuzzi, where guests can enjoy a herbal tea. During the spa experience, the staff is careful to prevent guests from seeing each other, providing a sense of privacy, so each guest feels like they have the entire spa to themselves.

By Brian Overcast
Associated Editor

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