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Lapinha Wellness & Integrative Medicine


Lapinha Wellness & Integrative Medicine
16.5 Estrada da Lapa, Km 16,5 – Fazenda Margarida, Lapa

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Lapinha Spa

Review by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

Founded by Margarida Bornschein Langer in the 1950s, Lapinha was born with the aim of combating disease through natural therapies. Margarida understood that, for the healing experience to be complete, it was necessary to take care, not only of the human being, but also of the planet and the local community with a holistic approach. In 1972, Lapinha was the first medical spa in Brazil located on a farm. With a focus on organic production, surrounded by a sub-tropical forest, this family run property continues to be an agent community development.

The award winning health retreat has evolved over the decades to offer a variety of programs to the discerning wellness traveler. Programs such as weight loss, stress management, fitness, overall wellness, detox, well-being with cancer, anti-tobacco and senior health are tailored to individual needs. The multidisciplinary team of specialists creates integrative schedules for guests that include hydrotherapy, phytotherapy, physical activity, massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy, healthy nutrition, and mindfulness practices. Each visit starts with a physical evaluation with Dr. Daniel Boarin who guides the treatment plan for each guest, maximizing the outcome of their stay.

The highlights of my stay at Lapinha included Watsu therapy set in a simple glass walled room overlooking the fields of crops and the forest beyond, traditional Thai massage expertly performed by one of their many therapists who undergo 20 hours of training monthly to ensure high standards, and forest bathing. Whether you prefer to run, hike or walk, the lush forest at Lapinha should be on your must-see list. If you are lucky, the forest hike may be guided by Lapinha owner Dieter Brepohl, who shares his knowledge of the forest’s history and botany. The selection of teas is a special treat with an array of flavors served at regular intervals throughout the day in all areas of the facility. These teas are also labeled with information on the therapeutic benefits of each.

The hydrotherapy facilitates consist of sauna, steam, Swiss shower, Jacuzzi and cold plunge These sit on the edge of the property offering views of the rolling hills and, if you’re there at the right time, fields of blooming sunflowers.

The organic farm spanning 550 hectares provides Lapinha with much of the food served to the guests. A nutritional consultation performed early in the stay determines the right diet for each individual. The Vegetarian food served is flavorful and plentiful, but most of all – healthful! Take a morning walk through the organic farm to learn more about the agricultural processes and visit the free-range organic chickens. “Happy chickens lay more eggs” the guide explained to our group.

A fully equipped gym and exercise classes are on offer. However, with the beautiful landscape of the Atlantic and Araucaria forests, I opted to stay outside as much as possible, and instead got my exercise from hiking or running the trails and stand up paddle boarding on the lake.

Sara Jones


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