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Human Regenerator


United Kingdom

Reviewd by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

As new technology arises and the quest for wellness and longevity continues, inspiring new methods of biohacking and combating cellular degeneration appear. The Human Regenerator device aims to regenerate the cells of the body via cold atmospheric plasma (CAP) technology. CAP consists of electrons, ions, excited atoms, and molecules and is said to reduce oxidative stress and help mitigate cell and tissue damage, promoting better cellular health by neutralizing free radicals and increasing the production of ATP, the cell’s energy source. The result being cellular vitality and resilience, improving the body’s ability to combat age related disease and degeneration.

The process is simple and relaxing, gold plates are fastened to the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet typically, as the guest lays flat and relaxes for the 30 minute session. If the guest has specific pain points or injuries, the gold plates can be adjusted and placed accordingly. As the Human Regenerator starts, the smell of ozone can be detected almost instantly in the air; many guests fall asleep during the session, however, those with injuries may feel some discomfort during the process.

Chronic inflammation and oxidative stress have been shown to be contributing factors to many conditions like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, depression, and memory loss. If CAP can help reduce inflammation and neutralize free radicals via its antioxidant properties, it can potentially slow the progression or even prevent these conditions.


By Sara Jones,