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Grand Palladium Riviera Maya


Puerto Juárez Km 256-100
Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

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Zentropia Spa & Wellness

Review by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

At Zentropia Spa & Wellness, Grand Palladium Riviera Maya, the expansive outdoor hydrotherapy circuit is the ideal place to start each wellness journey. A self-guided ritual with an instruction wall upon entry invites guests to refresh with a shower before commencing and then to start with the dry sauna, where heat gradually releases muscle tension. Cool down with a cold shower and proceed to the steam room, and then on to the pediluvium to stimulate the reflexology points on the soles of the feet with smooth river stones. Alternate between the hot jacuzzi and the cold plunge pool to stimulate circulation and invigorate the whole body. Relax with water jets for the neck and back and enjoy a healthy snack, juice, or smoothie at the ‘Healthy Habits’ bar.

With an array of treatment suites for individuals, couples and even families, guests can choose from massage services, facials, and body treatments including wraps, exfoliations and hydrobath services. Guests who prefer to be surrounded by nature can opt for one of the glass-walled treatment cabins with panoramic views of the jungle foliage.

Descend into a deep state of relaxation with a shamanic sound healing concert. A combination of Tibetan singing bowls, quartz bowls, chimes, a handpan drum, and a gong create a symphony of sound vibrations and harmonious frequencies that move through the body promoting healing and relaxation.

An experience not to be missed is the temazcal, a traditional Mayan ceremony of rebirth where a shaman leads a ritual divided into four parts, representing the human journey through life. The experience ends with the gift of an obsidian arrowhead for each guest to keep, a volcanic glass sacred to the Mayan people.

End your day with a private dinner beside a cenote, an opening to the sacred underground river system unique to the region. The dinner includes traditional food from the Yucatan peninsula such as cochinita pibil, a flavorful slow-roasted pork dish and sikil pak, a healthy dip made of pumpkin seeds.

By Sara Jones, Editor

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