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Careyes, symbolized by the question mark that sits above the name, is an enigma to those who have yet to discover the 5000 acres of jungle, mangroves, beaches and cliffs spanning a 12 km stretch of Pacific coastline in the state of Jalisco. Alongside the question mark, an exclamation point symbolizes the wow factor guests and residents feel once they discover the essence of this eco-resort that pledges to limit development at 4% of the land, ensuring the preservation of this captivating environment and landscape.

Upon entry to El Careyes Club & Residences guests are greeted with the first of many stunning views, perfect for photo opportunities or to simply appreciate the modern architecture set against the backdrop of extraordinary Pacific Coast scenery.
Mexican and Mediterranean architectural influences combine vibrant colors and unique craftsmanship, with suites and penthouses set around the bay where a late sunset provides spectacular dusk views of oranges, pinks and purples lighting up the sky.

Set to one side of Club Careyes, brightly colored casitas and bungalows stagger the hillside with hammock lined balconies that overflow with bougainvillea blossoms.
Artisanal cobblestone pathways intersect the residences to reduce the use of heat producing asphalt. Conscious of the environmental impact, the casitas and villas of Careyes maximize the ocean breeze and cross ventilation to lessen the use of air conditioning, outdoor lighting is also limited at night to conserve energy and avoid light pollution – an essential consideration for turtles coming in to nest on the beaches.

Wonder and awe
Moments of awe have been shown to have a profound effect on our health, wellness, and level of happiness. At Careyes, these moments are plentiful! When was the last time you did something so exhilarating that your pulse raced and ignited a lust for life? Walking across the rope bridge from Casa Mi Ojo was just such an activity. While logically we knew it was safe, the feeling of walking on mere thin planks of wood, fastened together high above jagged rocks and cliff edges makes your heartbeat sound almost as loud as the crashing waves hundreds of meters below.

The majestic Copa Del Sol sits on the jutting peninsula of Punta Farallón, dreamt up by Gian Franco Brignone, the founder of Costa Careyes, and finally constructed in 2006. The 35-foot tall reinforced concrete Copa Del Sol spans 88-feet (27-meter) in diameter and is said to symbolize the divine feminine, with the divine masculine represented by the ‘Piramidion’ structure which sits inside a cave a short distance away.

Tigre del Mar, the grandest of the ‘ocean castles’ at Careyes affords guests panoramic ocean views, a dining palapa overlooking the spectacular coastline, a private beach, and a subterranean grotto. Adorning the terrace in front of the expansive, cliffside infinity pool, sits a Labyrinth, which replicates the design found at Chartres Cathedral, France. Mindfully walk the path while thinking of something you would like to release, before reaching the center, call to mind something you would like to manifest as you mindfully retrace the path back out. A second pool presents a stunning circular ocean viewpoint, set in a striking turquoise wall, iconic of the property.

Casa del Tres Mil, is home to a screening room with floor-to-ceiling library, where the Careyes meteorite is currently placed. A giant wooden ladder rests outside the property offering tequila and mezcal to welcome ‘other-worldly beings’ – should they visit Earth!

Wellness at Careyes
With wellness at the forefront of everyone’s minds lately, and occupancy and residence sales increasing as people look to immerse themselves in nature and escape big cities due to the pandemic, Careyes launched a visiting wellness practitioner schedule offering guests and residents a variety of activities such as acro-yoga, breathwork, meditation, sound healing, spirituality and connection practices to ground with the earth and connect with nature.

I was fortunate to practice yoga and acro-yoga, a passion of mine, with the talented Andrew Sealy during my stay. The yoga offered is suitable for all levels and even the acro class was perfect for beginners, with all attendees accepting the challenge and ‘flying’ in bird position as they embraced trust and fearlessness.

A visual and acoustic wonder, Copa Del Sol provides the perfect setting for sound healing ceremonies at Careyes. Laying on the gentle incline of the Copa at dusk, the heat from the concrete seeps through the yoga mat as the symphony of bowls, drums, chimes, horns, pipes (and even feathers whipping through the air!) as local healer, Daniel Pardo, practices his art, is one I will not forget.

Spiritual wellness coach and yoga instructor, Niki Trosky, offers a variety of experiences at Careyes. Relax under the gaze of the Mother Mary statue tucked away to the side of the Carayes Plaza of restaurants, boutiques and a mini movie theater, as Niki guides a yoga nidra style feminine embodiment meditation accompanied live by vocalist Savanna Jones Martin, whose dulcet tones managed to induce an emotional reaction in every one of us at the ceremony.

A variety of massages are available on site at El Careyes Club in addition to mud bath rituals held on the beach and Temazcal sweat lodge ceremonies led by local shamans. Exciting plans for a full spa facility at Careyes are underway and will bring a new dynamic offering to the wellness experiences available.

Careyes Foundation
The Careyes Foundation, started in 2013, leads community development programs in eleven villages in the surrounding area reaching more than 7,000 people, however for over 35 years, the Careyes community has worked to protect the endangered sea turtle population, having released more than 1.7 million newborn sea turtles into the ocean and protecting the turtles nesting areas. The Foundation also produces English-Spanish workbooks tailored specifically to rural schoolchildren in the region, where teachers deliver lessons to over 1,000 children in twelve local schools.

By Sara Jones

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