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Borgo Egnazia, Puglia


borgo egnazia
Savelletri di Fasano
Fasano Brindisi 72015 , Puglua
Vair Spa

Review by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

Borgo Egnazia stands true to its tagline, it’s like nowhere else. Situated on the southern Italian coast of Puglia, the resort boasts a collection of impressive villas, spacious rooms and cute 2-storey ‘casettas’ all laid out like a traditional Pulgian village in uniform cream colored stone with intertwining cobblestone streets and seemingly secret pathways. At the heart of the Borgo (meaning village in Italian) is the central piazza, which comes alive at night with special dinners and events held for guests. The timeless cream and white décor is simple yet elegantly chic and attention to detail around the resort is impeccable. The small chapel to the side of the piazza is home to weddings, celebrations and in our case, a spectacular vegetarian dinner prepared for the press delegates and PR team enjoying the resort after the Global Wellness Summit.

Vair Spa is a haven of tranquility and offers a variety of programs and individual experiences including the hydrotherapy ritual in its Roman Baths offering a ‘caldarium’, ‘tepidarium’ and ‘frigidarium’ – Hot, warm and cold plunge pools. The Bathhouse also features a beautifully lit, floatation room where guests can enjoy the feeling of weightlessness in the mineral-rich pool.Vair Spa also includes therapies offered by visiting specialists, such as Luca Fortuna, whose passion for aromatherapy, naturopathy and the world of botanical perfumery led him to develop a consultation treatment based exclusively for Borgo Egnazia. The olfactory reactions to specific essential oil blends create a pathway to the subconscious mind. “Inhale each aroma, one by one, and explain what feelings come to mind with each fragrance” invites Luca as we start the session. “There is a lot of change coming in your life” I am told, “things will get even better and you will soon change the way you do everything.” Choose the ‘ADDUR – Sensory olfactory experience’ from the Vair Spa menu and embark on a journey of self-revelation. While others were brought to tears as they embraced difficult times from their past, I was energized with positivity and the possibility of new things to come; all agreed – it was a distinctly memorable experience.

The area of Puglia is renowned for its olive trees, many of which are believed to be between 2,000-3,000 years old. Olive oil is made locally in the area and you can take a tour from Borgo Egnazia to see the olive groves, the ancient presses and the modern machinery. Learn how to identify a high quality olive oil and the ways to detect ‘lamp oil’ a term used by our guide for anything but the best quality product! Throw in a bicycle ride to the olive farm and this creates a perfect wellness excursion with exercise, fresh sea air, nature immersion and education, fun and some healthy omega 3 and 6 EFAs!

With Iyengar Yoga experts on site at Borgo Egnazia, take advantage of the beautiful movement studio to work on alignment, balance, strength and range of motion in this challenging yoga session. Classes of freestyle dance are also offered with Puglian musician and dancer, Guiseppe Cicirello, whose music we also got to enjoy at dinner.

Under the same ownership, nearby Masseria San Domenico offers an alternative, more intimate boutique resort experience. No less grand or luxurious than Borgo Egnazia, this property dates back to the 15th century when the Knights of Malta used as a watchtower. Stunning grounds complement the striking outdoor seawater swimming pool, built incorporating the natural rock formation. Further utilizing the theme of seawater, the resort’s thalassotherapy spa harnesses the healing powers of mineral-rich seawater and oligoelements from a deep underground source, which sits at about 400 meters below sea level.

By Sara Jones, Editor

borgo egnazia
borgo egnazia
borgo egnazia