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The Power of Sound

The innate healing power of sound is being rediscovered. Quantum physicists and medical researchers are now proving scientifically, what the ancient Mayans intuitively understood. The Universe is made up of vibrational energy. What we resonate with, consciously or not, matters. Sound healing effectively aligns us with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual optimal health and well-being. It attunes us bio-energetically with universal intelligence. Even if we don’t fully comprehend it intellectually; we can allow it to uplift our vibes, our immune systems, and enhance our lives.

While sound, music and acoustic resonance therapies are turning standard, individual spa treatments into immersive, sensory integrative experiences, many spas are expanding this by also offering group experiences. The Savasana Room, at Zadún, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve Los Cabos, incorporates a highly unique So Sound® Acoustic Resonance floor on which individuals and groups are invited to lie down to experience deep relaxation both listening and feeling the sound, music and guided meditations.

“Guests simultaneously hear and feel the sound as it resonates up through the floor creating an integrative sensory sound massage experience that is truly beyond words”.

While each individual in the group enjoys a deeply personal inner journey, together, they all listen and feel the sound and a bio-energetic tuning naturally occurs, almost like individual musical instruments harmonizing together.

Similar to a lullaby, sound transitions us into deep states of relaxation and remembrance; enabling us to become more consciously aware of the ‘inner-fear-ances’ that are inhibiting us from resonating more comprehensively with profound peace, love, joy, health. Currently, we are in a very potent evolutionary time of uncertainty and change. Sound Healing amplifies our ability to tune in, become energetically aware and fully align with our highest potential. It ‘re-minds’ us how interconnected we all are, through far more than just physical bodies.

By Suzannah Long, co-Founder / CEO

So Sound Solutions


Author: Fabiola

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