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Mindbody, the leading technology platform for the wellness industry, recently launched its Virtual Wellness Platform which allows its tens of thousands of business partners the opportunity to offer their services to clients during this time – either through pre-recorded or live streaming content. Consumers have the opportunity to explore virtual wellness offerings via the app, including beauty and spa consultations, while doors remain closed.

After reopening, spas and salons have the ability to offer hybrid packages and incorporate virtual consultations with in-person visits, both bookable via Mindbody. The majority of Mindbody consumers (89%) plan to return to previous routines which is a positive outlook for the industry.

By Tracy Richmond



Digital technologies will be an indispensable tool not only to control access to gyms and manage capacity and reservations in different areas through digital booking systems that will allow the number of participants in a given space to be contained, but also to allow guests to access your training programs and data, wherever and whenever.

Technogym offers a solution that enables this and much more thanks to MyWellness Cloud, the first cloud storage platform in the fitness and wellness sector. Users can access their routines, connect with Technogym equipment or with their mobile devices. They can keep track of their training in and out of the gym, reserve their favorite equipment, as well as access workouts for different levels and objectives every day, wherever they are.

By Giada Bartolucci

Content Editor & Communication


My Wellness


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There are many persistent misconceptions about how to cure jet lag. Unfortunately, no generic solution can help travelers tackle the underlying cause of jet lag, and might even be counterproductive, making jet lag worse. The Timeshifter jet lag app was developed by world-renowned scientists and based on the latest sleep and circadian neuroscience. With Timeshifter, travelers can create their own personalized jet lag plans and arrive at their best. When you help travelers minimize their jet lag, you will not only improve their productivity and enjoyment during trips, you will also help them maintain a strong immune system, which is now more important than ever.

By Mickey Beyer-Clausen





Having unraveled the mysteries behind how and why music moves us the way it does, U4Ea harnesses the frequencies of nature to nurture positive states of mind. Where your mind leads, your body follows – and with the onslaught of recent events, many minds and bodies are moving in unhealthy directions.

Shifting into a preferred state of consciousness activates our body’s ability to recover from stress and pain. The more time we spend in a state of positivity, in or out of the spa, the healthier we are. The U4Ea method is mindfulness, on demand.

By Brandon Howard

Founder and CEO




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