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The Ninth Annual Global Wellness Day Celebration goes online on June 13th, 2020

Never before done 24-hour live streaming of wellness across six continents

Singer Reba McEntire, Television host and *NSYNC bassist, NYT bestselling author Lance Bass, Plant forward Chef Matthew Kenney, World Record Holder-Wingsuit BASE Jumper, Cengiz Kocak, International Transformational Speaker, Sah Simone, Former NBA Basketball player – Omri Casspi, and more help build communities of wellness via complimentary classes and tools to enhance physical & mental wellbeing, immunity, nutrition, love & compassion

For nearly a decade Global Wellness Day has been reminding people around the world the value of taking care of their physical and mental health. Never before has its message been more meaningful than now during a global pandemic — when people of all races, religions and cultures are actively seeking ways to stay well and positive. This year, Global Wellness Day will take advantage of cutting-edge technology to mount a 24-hour livestream celebration from sunrise to sunset around the globe. On Saturday, June 13th 2020 the ninth annual Global Wellness Day (GWD) celebration — with the motto; “One day, can change your whole life!” — will focus on mental health, stress, immunity, nutrition, indoor exercises, love and compassion.

This never-before-done, 24-hour, online GWD celebration will showcase an ongoing range of educational and complimentary presentations — ranging from wingsuit BASE jump to dance, astrology to nutrition and Muay Thai exercises to plant forward cooking classes– and will be available through Global Wellness Day’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Standout and influential experts joining the GWD 24-hour live celebration includes World Record Holder Wingsuit BASE Jumper – Cengiz Kocak who will perform a live cliff jump; International Transformational Speaker – Sah Simone, Former NBA Basketball player – Omri Casspi, dialogue with Dr. Daniel Friedland, CEO of SuperSmarthHealth, the author of Leading Well from Within and Belgin Aksoy, Founder of Global Wellness Day, creating a contagion of wellness; Performing Artist & Actress – Reba McEntire; Television host and *NSYNC bassist, NYT bestselling author – Lance Bass; Talk Show Host and Celebrity Cook Former Model Cristina Ferrare; Top Plant-Based Chef – Matthew Kenney; Celebrity Yogi and Yoga Revealed Founder – Andrew Sealy; Leading Astrologer – Zahara Zimring; Energy Healer – Jeannette von Johnsbach; International Yoga Instructor – Emilie Mangoni; Founder of Nordic Walking Madeira – Linda Bettencourt; Skin Science and Lifestyle Specialist – Monica Polio; Turkish writer and motivational speaker – Metin Hara; World Champion and Professional Muay Thai athlete – Janice Lyn; Thai Traditional Medicine practitioner – Dr. Panaran Polkadee; Health Educational Lecturer – Dr. Aric Sigman will be having a “Preventing Mental Health problems in Education” Q&A session with CATS Cambridge students.

Turkish GWD Founder, Belgin Aksoy’s dream of celebrating a day dedicated to wellness has inspired an international network of over 100 volunteer GWD Ambassadors, Key Supporters and Advisors to help make her dream a reality across the globe. The virtual 24-hour live events organized this year continue to hold three main attributes: educational, non-commercial and complimentary since Aksoy’s motivating belief is that wellness is not a luxury but the inherent right of every individual.

Global Wellness Day has grown from being celebrated in one country in 2012 to last year when it was celebrated in 150 countries in over 7,000 locations from Cyprus to China. New to the roster of countries this year are Hong Kong, New Zealand, Zambia, Taiwan, Ukraine and Nigeria.

“The inception of Global Wellness Day was planted into my heart during my radio-iodine therapy isolation days at the hospital in 2004”, says GWD founder, Aksoy, “I realized what really mattered in life, understood that life was all about love and compassion and that our health was the most precious gift we have. Love, compassion and health was ‘wellness’. I had to share this realization with the whole world. And together with GWD Family look what we have achieved, millions of hearts we have touched around the world. If Global Wellness Day was born in my 9 isolation days at the hospital, imagine all the jewels that are going to come out of all those doors that were closed during quarantine across the globe. Although Global Wellness Day lasts for 24 hours our message is intended to last a lifetime.”

Look for the hashtag #globalwellnessday to follow what happens from sunrise to sunset around the globe on June 13.


Author: Fabiola