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Why Energy Healing is Trending


In an ever increasing fast paced world, finding a way to practice self-care and being able to ‘power-down’ is becoming increasingly vital for a person to function… mind, body and soul.

The ancient practices that date back 5,000+ years are being re-discovered because they have stood the test of time. From ancestral trauma to dating drama, energy healing is producing results for clients which is why they keep coming back for more and even referring the practices to family, friends and colleagues.


My energy medicine training started twelve years ago and it was difficult to find healers, teachers or programs online. When founding Style Rituals I noticed one of the biggest opportunities was to fully connect within the digital landscape in a fun, visually pleasing and practical way. I believed it was very important to offer services with visibility and digest-ability to an audience that was just discovering energy medicine. Although it may sound strange in the tech-age or for other industries, having a website, online payment and booking systems, business cards, a store front and an Instagram feed are quite new ways of being seen as a healer. Prior to the last few years when the ‘woo boom’ started, the main way to find a certified energy practitioner was through word of mouth. Now, healers can be found with ease and this visibility is helping these practices to grow.


Energy healing has the ability to help people make changes mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Studying ancient, nature-based rites and wisdom teachings can be a conduit to deepen a person’s spiritual connection, improve communication skills, overcome personal challenges, attain career fulfillment, better relationships, increase monetary abundance, lower anxiety and most importantly allow the person to get to know themselves on a deeper level.


Energy practices like crystal-therapy, Shamanic healing, Reiki, sound baths, breath work, chakra alignment and acupuncture can be great complementary and non-invasive treatments to already existing practices like talk therapy and other western medicinal care.

By Colleen McCann
Founder, Style Rituals

Author: Fabiola

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