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Lunation Reading

Having prepared for the reading by ‘tuning in’ to my energy, Colleen explains that the cards and crystals that will be used during this forecast of the year ahead have been selected and laid out in front of her.

Like a clock she reads around the circular pattern of the cards month by month. Colleen’s natural intuition plays an important role in the reading as she navigates the thoughts, words, and feelings that come to mind with each card’s message, finding anecdotes and stories to perfectly explain their perceived meaning.

Starting with a review of late 2019 and then moving into January and February (before the current month of March) certain things already start to ring true as she explains that the energy of planets late last year was more impulsive and this year feels much more grounded and decisions that were made are now being contemplated in more detail and even questioned. “Why yes, Colleen, that is exactly what happened in my case!”

Some unexpected points arise as she talks about the growth of my business and the direction it will expand in. I eagerly look forward to the coming year which, if all goes according to the cards and Colleen’s reading, could include some exciting developments. Armed now with my monthly mantra cards, Tarot cards, a mantra to summarize the year, and two crystals chosen specifically for me (Rainbow Moonstone and Chrysocolla), I have practices set in place to complete.

The Lunation Reading is perfect for anyone hoping to gain clarity and direction for the coming year. This can also be an engaging and interactive element to include in a wellness retreat setting. Colleen works with both spa, wellness and retreat guests and corporate teams helping them to develop practices in line with their goals.

By Sara Jones, Editor

Author: Fabiola

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