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Chairama Spa Bogota, Colombia (Closed permanently)

Chairama Spa sits on the northeast side of the bustling city of Bogota, Colombia, close to the popular Parque 93 area. Offering guests a welcome escape from the congestion of the city, Chairama Spa draws inspiration from the coastal town of Santa Marta and the indigenous tribe of Kogis that originate from the area, echoing their philosophy of honoring nature and health through water.

The extensive guided hydrotherapy circuit is certainly the highlight of the Chairama Spa experience, with a steam room and sauna, a variety of sensorial showers, hot and cold plunge pools, a mineral salt floatation pool, and a hydrotherapy pool with jets for every area of the body. Bubble beds stimulate the back and legs; water jets work the back and shoulders; underwater jets for the thighs, knees and calves; and a particularly strong jet for the feet – all with handles to keep you in place, perfect for those easily swept away by strong water jets!

Chairama Spa has 11 treatment rooms, five of which are for couples. Each room is named with a significant word in both the indigenous Kogi language and Spanish, such as Gua, meaning mountain or Montaña, and Guanza, meaning sand or Arena.

The spa offers an array of rituals, massage services, facials, body treatments and day packages for all types of guests whether they are visiting for a weekly ritual of wellness or celebrating a birthday or special occasion. With four floors dedicated to spa and wellness the Chairama Spa also accommodates groups and events in its rooftop lounge.

By Sara Jones, editor


Author: Fabiola

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