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Colombian Wellness Experiences

Colombia, the country of magical realism. The second most biodiverse place in the world, surrounded by three mountain ranges of the Andes with 130 indigenous peoples, 320 thermal mineral water springs, 1970 species of birds, 5 cultural heritages and 3 natural heritages. It is in the midst of all this diversity that, since 2012, spaces have been created for relaxation and self-discovery. Authentic relaxation experiences combine nature, spa therapies, ancestral therapies, retreats and mineral-medicinal waters.

Just 102 kilometers from the capital Bogotá, in Apulo Cundinamarca, you can find the Entremonte Hotel Wellness Spa. Situated in the middle of the tropical dry forest, it is 400 meters above sea level with a temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. It is home to 132 species of birds and about 70 species of plants. A beautifully designed hotel, purpose built for wellness with 28 different 95 square meter bioclimatic cabins, in direct contact with nature, with no television or internet. It offers the luxury of returning to a simple life along with a healthy diet, breathing workshops in the morning, guided meditations in the afternoon as well as steam therapy in the hammam. A hydrotherapy circuit in the Valley of Water, and a spa menu with signature massages and holistic treatments.

350 kilometers from Bogotá towards the northern route of the country in the municipality of Zapatoca, Santander, there is a wellness experience that combines science and ancestral traditions. Sindamanoy Hostel Mind Body applies knowledge of naturism, ethnobotany, bioarchitecture, deep psychology, lymphoendocology, healthy eating and the ancestral practices of the 4 elements for mind-body relaxation sessions.

In addition, for lovers of hot springs, in the middle of a blanket of green meadows 220 kilometers from Bogotá, sits the Province of Sugamuxi in the area of Boyacá. Its thermal waters, the moor of Ocetá, Tota Lake, along with the indigenous traditions in each of its villages, make this magical place a paradise that combines culture, gastronomy, nature and 20 thermal centers. A great place to visit is hotel Termales El Batan in Cuitiva, nestled in between the mountains, perfect for rest and disconnection.

These, together with other notable properties, make Colombia an emerging destination for wellness travelers.

By Alejandra Millán, Wellness Trip Colombia CEO & Global Wellness Day Colombia Ambassador


Author: Fabiola

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