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Sustainability initiatives: Pikaia Lodge

Pikaia Lodge is committed to sustainability by taking a holistic approach: social responsibility, environmental efforts, education and renewable energy. Offering a luxurious experience, seeking a positive impact on the Galápagos Islands.

During the initial construction of the hotel, rigorous practices were implemented to reduce waste, using sustainable materials and adopting waste-minimizing technology. This approach reflects a commitment to the long-term preservation of the Galápagos Islands. Annually, they maintain this commitment by using environmentally friendly materials during maintenance.

Pikaia Lodge not only offers luxury accommodations but also features an innovative land-based model with private yacht excursions. This unique combination of land-based comfort and yacht exploration is complemented by partnerships with local businesses, outsourcing services and distributing the economic benefits amongst the residents of the islands.

Despite rapid tourism growth, they maintain a delicate balance between preservation and tourism development. The lodge’s 76.6 acres (31 hectares) of land are part of a private tortoise reserve, where conservation programs are conducted to protect local wildlife. With only 14 rooms, they prioritize quality over quantity, offering guests an exclusive and personalized experience.

Approximately 12,000 trees have been planted since opening in 2014 through the reforestation program, with each guest planting a tree during their stay. This program contributes to the reforestation of the local ecosystem and carbon footprint compensation. At Pikaia Lodge, sustainability is a way of life, seeking to lead the way towards sustainable tourism that respects and conserves the unique wonders of the Galápagos Islands, ensuring a sustainable future for the planet.


By Andrea Quiñones
Marketing and Communications, Pikaia Lodge

Author: Fabiola

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