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Energetic Healing

Awakening Kundalini

Kundalini activation or kundalini awakening is a wellness revolution and growing trend; an ancient technique that different schools are helping to expand around the world via trainings and group sessions in resorts and wellness events worldwide, especially in popular destinations such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Bali and Spain.

Due to the demand for services that benefit personal wellness by balancing the four bodies: physical, emotional, mental, and energetic; such as kundalini activation, it’s important to highlight this unique experience and offer it in retreats and wellness-focused resorts. Guests, spa professionals, and even the managerial team can benefit from receiving kundalini activation by decreasing stress and increasing productivity and creativity.

Offering kundalini activation allows properties to increase the variety of their holistic activities and generate additional revenue, while providing a safe and relaxing environment where guests can deepen their physical, mental, and energetic wellness and improve their daily practice, with natural correction of sleep habits and patterns, modulating the efficiency of the nervous system. This also helps the spa to differentiate itself with a new and unique service, gaining visibility amongst travelers looking for novel experiences.

By Anya Fuentes y Anisa Fuentes
K Sisters



Energy Medicine In Spas

In 2020 one of the trends of the Global Wellness Institute was ‘energy medicine gets serious’ exploring a new force in health and healing, both doctors and wellness practitioners are uncovering the potential of electromagnetic, light and sound interventions, and their ability to heal.

We’ve seen a surge in interest in holistic spa services such as reiki, acupressure, sound therapy, light therapy and chakra balancing. But what exactly is energy medicine and how do we expand our spa menus to include some of these requested rituals?

Energy medicine recognizes the life force of all living things and aims to support the flow of energy (often called Qi, Chi or Prana) to enhance our overall sense of wellbeing. Energy therapies are considered non-invasive healing techniques that treat the mind, body and spirit. Energy needs to flow and move freely in and around our bodies, however, energy can become stagnant and cause discomfort and dysfunction.

Ancient practices of balancing energies have been shown to positively impact mood; from depression and anxiety to improved sleep and digestion. Thanks to modern technology, we can now measure this previously unseen energy and direct it to enhance our sense of self, tap into our innate ability to heal ourselves, balance our meridians, our chakras and feel connected to universal energy. These practices may utilize acoustic therapies, crystals and intentional touch, to increase vibrational frequencies, and help guests tune in to their own energy.


By Christine Clinton




Spiritual Healing through Psilocybin

In the heart of Sayulita lies a sanctuary for the soul – the Sayulita Wellness Retreat. Known for its groundbreaking Psilocybin Retreat, it offers seekers a sacred space to dive deep into the realms of their psyche, guided by the ancient, mystical properties of psilocybin.

Psilocybin, revered by indigenous cultures for its profound spiritual experiences, serves as a bridge to one’s innermost consciousness. When paired with holistic practices, the transformative potential amplifies. Yoga brings balance, aligning the physical and spiritual self, fostering a grounded presence. Breathwork, a powerful tool, enables participants to access and release stored emotions, making room for renewal. Ice baths, though challenging, serve as rituals of resilience, training the mind to embrace discomfort and find strength in vulnerability. Sound healing sessions at Sayulita Wellness envelop participants in a therapeutic symphony, vibrating at frequencies that resonate with the soul’s essence, harmonizing and rejuvenating the spirit.

The retreat’s holistic fusion ensures every participant emerges with a revitalized spirit. By intertwining psilocybin with these powerful wellness activities, Sayulita Wellness Retreat offers a transformative journey, guiding souls back to their intrinsic wholeness and divine essence.

By Andrew Tansil
Sayulita Wellness Retreats

Author: Fabiola