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Biophilic design: bringing the outdoors inside

As a child in the west of Ireland I was obsessed with nature and how it supports the human body, mind and spirit and our vitally important animal life, domestic and wild, and all other living things. When I started to design I created a tool box and checklist to make sure that biophilia, chromotherapy, aromatherapy, sound healing, immersive visual art, the sense of touch and of course the sense of taste, are all addressed and included in each project. The toolbox contains all of the Chinese elements: earth, fire, water, wood, metal. Add to that the air we breathe: nothing should stagnate.

Going beyond the physical, I introduce feng shui and biogeometry to clients, to clear and balance the space and the land, thus making the invisible tangible and creating experiences with each design. Our team of lighting consultants, landscape architects, audio visual and IT and engineers work seamlessly with our designers, architects and other specialists as a chamber music ensemble.

As someone who travels constantly, I know that a spa can deliver the spirit of nature and an intense and productive confrontation of emotions. This is followed by the connection between your body and your brain, as you lie quietly on the treatment table, often in the midst of greenery!

Some of the design elements in our many Clodagh biophilic spaces include dramatic wild plants, massive trees and green living walls often situated in business meeting rooms and lobby areas. Giant stones and plants are placed in meeting spaces, selected from local resources. The senses are celebrated by adding the gentle splash of water features, and misted fragrance to echo the perfume of the plants.

Some examples include a moss garden to calm the eye outside a spa lounge and a three trunked 300-year old olive tree over a reflecting pool Clodaghto bring biophilia into a rocky courtyard. In our creative studio linear teak planters with jade plants sit on every window ledge, so we see Manhattan through our linear garden.

All of this coupled with the challenges of the pandemic have stood the test of time, because the senses feed the emotions, and total healing experiences have never been more important.


By Clodagh

Author: Fabiola