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Infrared and PEMF: How to incorporate Infrared and PEMF Therapies into Spa Treatments

Infrared and PEMF infrarrojo y pemf

Spa enthusiasts around the world are increasingly interested in the power of nature and its effects on our health and wellness. With such interest, many have turned to infrared and PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) to relax muscle tension, ease stress, and improve mental wellbeing from the inside out.

Infrared heat therapy travels deep into the body to relax muscles and provide pain relief, one reason why wellness enthusiasts utilize infrared saunas as opposed to regular saunas. PEMF resets the biorhythms of the body, at a cellular level, to its most natural state. While it’s not as popular as infrared therapy, in the past decade, its status as a natural and effective therapy has grown. Electromagnetic therapy pulses magnetic energy into the body, rebalancing the magnetic charge of cells to their natural state. This helps the entire body function optimally and provides a grounding effect. Both of these natural therapies are beneficial on their own, but when used in conjunction, they truly take wellness to a new level.

As we know, massage therapy is excellent for muscle relaxation and stress reduction. When massage is combined with both infrared and PEMF therapies, it further loosens tight muscle fibers and provides unrivaled relaxation. By utilizing natural, therapeutic modalities, spas and wellness businesses offer more ways to accommodate the needs and desires of their guests.

Using a customized mat that incorporates infrared and PEMF therapy, spas can seamlessly weave these elements into their treatments allowing wellness professionals to go about their normal spa services, such as massage therapy or facials, while the guest absorbs the benefits of infrared and PEMF.


By Lindsay Griesbach
Director of Brand Development & Strategic Partnerships

Author: Fabiola