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Halotherapy & Respiratory Wellness

Halotherapy & Respiratory Wellness - Haloterapia y bienestar respiratorio

Over the last 5 years, we have seen a slow, and steady increase of salt therapy/halotherapy facilities opening up, as well as spa and wellness properties adding halotherapy to their existing facilities. Driven by the pandemic, individuals are concerned about their respiratory health, hygiene and immunity and salt therapy is now in high demand. The industry is also experiencing a shortage of staff, so adding touchless wellness experiences that build healthier immune systems is a great option. As Tammy Pahel, VP Carillon Resort, Spa & Wellness Operations says “Halotherapy has become one of the most sought after treatments since we’ve reopened”.

We also see the industry moving away from the traditional large salt rooms and caves to smaller, private enclosures. People don’t feel comfortable sitting with 5-7 others, and prefer to pay for private 20-minute sessions. Another trend is the combination of halotherapy with other popular modalities, such as halotherapy with far infrared and halotherapy with red light therapy. The GWI ‘Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative’ has just begun research on the impact of halotherapy on long covid, to be published in 2022. Initial results are positive and uplifting!

Halotherapy and the importance of respiratory wellness is here to stay and has become a must have for spa and wellness businesses. Resort spa guests have often been breathing ‘airplane air’ for hours and may have been exposed to uncommon allergens. Resorts can offer guests a short halotherapy experience on arrival, followed by sessions every 3-4 days during their stay. In day spas, the local community can benefit by treating chronic respiratory illnesses and seasonal allergies while athletes can improve their performance and recovery, and the general public can support their respiratory immunity. Day spas typically offer multi-visit halotherapy packages or combination treatment packages as part of their spa menu.

By Steve Spiro
CEO, Halotherapy Solutions
Chairman, Exploring Salt & Halotherapy Initiative, Global Wellness Institute
www.halotherapysolutions.com / www.globalwellnessinstitute.org

Author: Fabiola

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