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Encuentros Village

The Aztecs recognized that even gods came from a mother, possessing the fundamental energy of generating and preserving life through caring and nurturing to the extent of strengthening their offspring. So that they, in turn, do the same with their children in a continuous spiral of love.

The project ‘Encuentros Village’ is being developed in Xochimilco, Mexico, aiming to create a wellness community and is currently conducting wellness retreats with activities such as meditation, yoga and organic breakfasts. Led by Alberto Cortina, an expert in inclusive or triple impact wellness ventures (social, economic and environmental), this project seeks to expand awareness to areas we don’t like to see but have an opportunity to strengthen. Wellness entails more than doing yoga, drinking green juices and hugging trees. Wellness needs to implicate politics, ethics and philosophy to connect and share the challenges faced by underprivileged people who are too busy surviving to engage in superficial wellness activities.

This project aims to include both economic and social success, eliminating the sense of competition. It is more natural for human beings to collaborate than to compete, but this misguided vision of having to defeat and possess has led us to separate ourselves from mother nature, family, and community.

The ‘Encuentros Village’ integrates three high-growth sectors in the wellness industry: wellness or transformational tourism, health tourism and real estate. Imagine a place where science meets the ancient, the mystical and the human so that the atmosphere inspires one to become the best version of oneself, using rituals and sacred places to pause and just be and belong. A place where you can build community to find yourself amongst others while creating your personal formula of wellness by relying on a myriad of guides and facilitators. All this is framed by professionalism and ethics that protect guests from false gurus, miracle products and narcissistic manipulators.

The ‘Encuentros Village’ aims to be an educational and research center and to become an integral and attractive project for authorities, entrepreneurs, wellness professionals and local people, including them in the value chain in a fair and growing way. This turns out to be the best way to maintain the size and ecological essence of the project.

By Alberto Cortina
CEO & Owner, Vitalí Spa



Author: Fabiola

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