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Mexico, source of healing, wellness destination and cradle of IntraSpa and Intratherapists

Mexico is a place of rituals, ceremonies, connection with nature, herbalism and ancestral medicine. It has a unique wealth of ecosystems offering postcard landscapes and, without a doubt, the warmth and hospitality of its people is also a healing element.

It is not surprising that Mexico calls people from all over the world to visit and take a break, contemplate nature, detoxify, reflect and start a process of individual transformation. Neither is it surprising that the ‘Intra Movement’ has begun in Mexico, seeking the participation of government agencies, employers, developers and entrepreneurs to participate under the same premise: ‘to create outside spaces to inspire our internal spaces’, that is, to create spaces to pause.

Alberto Cortina, one of the precursors of the movement, explains that a change of paradigms is needed given the increase in anxiety, depression, stress and habits that negatively affect our health. Alberto indicates that more people are aware of the need to create a balanced and meaningful life, but the dynamics and understanding of today’s world can lead to consuming ‘miracle products’ and becoming victims of gurus. The ‘Intra Movement’ emerges with one belief: ‘the answer is in you and the destiny is you’. Therefore, getting people to listen and understand themselves better is a great start.

Taking a break is a great challenge for our society, as we have been programmed to feel guilty if we are unproductive. The challenge is in creating spaces and using techniques that help us to stop and connect with ourselves. The ‘intra movement’ seeks to inspire us to do so in the spaces we spend the most time: work, home and outdoors.

As well as Alberto Cortina, the renowned massage world champion, Mariely Navarro Tejeda, is helping to shape the vision, skills and knowledge needed by the new ‘intra’ therapist by exploring the richness of pre-hispanic healing methods, combining them with new techniques, which will help Mexico to become one of the main destinations for wellness travel.


By Vitalí Spa


Author: Fabiola

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