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The Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Treasured for thousands of years by people across continents for its healing powers and high mineral content water, the Dead Sea really is one of the world’s natural spas. A wellness destination delivering ‘health through water’ like no other, where visitors can travel here to enjoy the day, or stay at one of the hotels along the shore.

Visitors can float in the incredibly buoyant water, relax on the beach and enjoy a self applied Dead Sea mud mask. The communal atmosphere makes this a great experience to enjoy with friends and family.

By Rom Barnea

The Dead Sea sits at 1400 feet below sea level, the lowest place on dry land on earth. The water is over 30% salt and also includes minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, bromine and iodine. The salt lines the bed of the sea and washes up in balls of salt along the shore. The salinity provides incredible buoyancy enabling visitors to sit up and float near the surface, experiencing a feeling of almost weightlessness.

The sad reality, however, is that the Dead Sea is rapidly disappearing; the surface level is dropping by approximately 4 feet per year. Fed by water flowing in from the River Jordan, this supply had dwindled over the last 50-60 years as water has been diverted for agricultural projects to support growing populations.

By Rom Barnea

The receding water line leaves sinkholes around much of the coast, where entire resorts have been abandoned and the ground declared unsafe.

A multinational community of people, the Dead Sea Guardians, propose a plan to replenish the Sea of Galilee via a desalination process and pipeline from the Mediterranean Sea to increase the flow of water into the River Jordan, thereby avoiding further loss of water in the Dead Sea.

Join their pledge at www.dsgproject.com


By Sara Jones, editor

Author: Fabiola

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