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Meliá Hotels & Resorts’ Yhi Spa has received the Sustainable Spa Association certification in its Mexico and Dominican Republic properties

Meliá Hotels International has reduced the environmental impact of the YHI Spa wellness program in its Mexico and the Dominican Republic properties, and has received the Sustainable Spa Association (SSA) certification.

The goal of the certification is to educate Melia Hotel spa employees and brand partners about their environmental impact and to promote sustainable, successful practices. With SSA guidance, Melia Hotels aims to make all of its properties more sustainable.

The SSA is a nonprofit organization that helps spa companies and professionals improve their ability to operate sustainably with a variety of tools and improvement plans. It uses a comparative evaluation system to measure companies’ environmental impact.

Meliá Hotels International is no stranger to sustainability efforts. The company is aiming to reduce its carbon emissions by more than 70% by 2035, namely by opting for efficient technology and clean energy. It has its own environmental and energy management system (SAVE), which allows it to significantly reduce its consumption, and it also uses circularity models to re-use and reduce waste generated in its hotels.

“When we integrate a sustainable management model in our spas, we achieve two goals: reducing our environmental footprint and educating our guests on sustainable practices. Caring for the environment is everyone’s responsibility,” said Luis Ramírez, spa and wellness director at Meliá Hotels International, Mexico.

“At MHI we strive every day to promote environmentally friendly tourism, where our activities have minimal impact on the environment,” added Arabelle del Pilar Rosario, spa and wellness director at Meliá Hotels International, Dominican Republic.

Author: Fabiola