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Wellness Gastronomy: Chablé Hotels

We are what we eat.

Interest in the origin of the food we eat is growing, people want to know how they contribute to our well-being and how their production and consumption can be carried out in a sustainable way.

Aligned with these values, at Chablé we seek to strengthen the link between gastronomy and spa experiences, using natural ingredients. For example, after an anti-inflammatory treatment, turmeric and ginger are ideal ingredients, as their natural properties are anti-inflammatory. Another option is to take advantage of the benefits of ingredients such as cucumber, coconut and almonds that provide vitamins for our skin, making them perfect for use in facials.

At Chablé we honor and take advantage of everything nature offers, complementing the experiences of our guests in a sensorial and comprehensive way.

Chablé Hotels
Riviera Maya, México

Author: Fabiola