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Wellness Communities

La Ecovilla includes permaculture gardens, fiber-optic internet, clean drinking water, and a community-owned alternative school. Located on the beautiful Rio Machuca, and surrounded by many ancient trees and is a wildlife corridor of great value. The sewage and black water are processed in a biomass digester that produces methane gas that the community plans to bottle as fuel for the communal kitchen stoves.

It’s members come from more than 28 countries around the world in search of a better life with a lighter ecological footprint. The community school is based on connection with nature and the idea that the children’s interests are their best educational guide.


La Ecovilla

Alajuela, Costa Rica


In times of pandemic and uncertainty, one thing is sure: our relationship with Mother Nature must change! Eco Caminhos, an eco-farm located in Nova Friburgo, Brazil, connects people from around the world with nature, to exchange energy and knowledge. The ultimate goal at Eco Caminhos is to establish an exemplary lifestyle based on simplicity, activity, sustainability, and, above all, wellbeing.

Spending time at Eco Caminhos provides the opportunity to live a healthier, more sustainable life through working with and learning about permaculture, agroforestry, natural building (bioconstruction), organic farming, and other ecological practices.

The end result of such an ‘eco-experience’ positively impacts the individual. Experiencing an alternative lifestyle based on health and sustainability in this post-corona world, however, could be more important than ever before as we start to construct a path to a ‘new normal’ for ourselves. This is a rare opportunity to ensure that sustainable practices focused on the health and wellbeing of people and the environment are woven into the fabric of our society for us and future generations to enjoy.

Eco Caminhos Bioconstruction medium

Eco Caminhos
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


After more than ten years of planning and design, Rancho La Puerta (The # 1 Destination Spa in the world, Travel + Leisure 2020 World’s Best Awards) offers a residential development that seeks to establish a community representing the principles and values that identify Rancho La Puerta as leaders in the wellness industry.

‘Las Residencias’ include a harmonious integration with their unbeatable location on the slopes of Cerro Cuchumá, which provides hiking trails. The project also has a vineyard, restaurant, artificial lake, clubhouse, unique furniture curated by experts, and state-of-the-art technology for air and water filtration in each of the houses.

Wellness Communities in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America

Residences Rancho La Puerta
Tecate, Baja California, Mexico


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