Wellness at Chablé Resort & Spa, Chocholá, Yucatan, Mexico

A visit to Chablé, Yucatan is ideal for a wellness experience, with relaxation, spa, gastronomy, yoga, visiting wellness specialists and a variety of daily activities for guests to choose from. During my stay, I had a consultation with Paul Emery, whose technique has proven successful with many, healing old injuries and releasing various points of tension around the body. My friend and I were invited to take part in a Mayan ritual with the ‘Abuela Maya’ – Mayan Grandmother. After the traditional ritual of facing the four cardinal points, the sky above and mother earth below, the ‘Abuela’ asked if we had any specific questions we would like answering. The questions flowed and she shared her wisdom and some predictions for the future for each of us; I’m still waiting for some of mine to materialize but it certainly created a fun, personalized experience for us to enjoy.

Spa Review: Rosas & Xocolate Hotel + Spa, Merida, Mexico

The stylish Rosas & Xocolate Boutique Hotel is situated on Paseo de Montejo in the heart of Merida city center. This 17-room iconic hotel has long been known for its colorful pink walls and international restaurant, popular with local clientele.

The spa at Rosas & Xocolate offers customized therapies, based aptly on their theme, incorporating roses, chocolate or both. Having tried both the Signature Rosas & Xocolate Experience and the Signature Xocolate Experience I can say that these are some of the most sensorial treatments I’ve enjoyed over the years. Providing a perfect ‘sense of place’ they touch on many of the physical senses with taste and smell incorporated heavily into the ritual.