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The Global Wellness Institute launches Children’s Wellness Moonshot Calendar to bring healthy habits into the classroom

childrens moonshot

The nonprofit Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the leading research organization for the global wellness industry, launched a new program that helps educators introduce young school kids to the importance and practice of physical and mental wellness: the Children’s Moonshot Calendar. It revolves around The Children’s Wellness Moonshot Calendar, a colorful, large hanging mobile to be […]

The Global Wellness Institute announces the First Symposium on Wellness Real Estate & Communities, to be held in NYC on September 28th

The nonprofit Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the leading research organization for the global wellness industry, today announced it will hold a Wellness Real Estate & Communities Symposium on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, in New York City. This will be the first-ever event to take a deep dive into this fast-growing market and will gather the top executives, developers, investors, architects, designers, analysts, policymakers and media—the global leaders in the business of wellness real estate and communities—to examine the future of this market from the highest-level perspective.

A Wellness Experience: Careyes

Careyes, symbolized by the question mark that sits above the name, is an enigma to those who have yet to discover the 5000 acres of jungle, mangroves, beaches and cliffs spanning a 12 km stretch of Pacific coastline in the state of Jalisco. Alongside the question mark, an exclamation point symbolizes the wow factor guests and residents feel once they discover the essence of this eco-resort that pledges to limit development at 4% of the land, ensuring the preservation of this captivating environment and landscape.

We create healthier societies when we are inclusive

When it comes to leading wellness, as in our shared pursuit of a world free of preventable disease, being inclusive is perhaps one of our most powerful tools. An online search captures the spirit of the word: To INCLUDE means “to comprise as part of a whole” or “to make part of a whole.” Inclusive leaders do both. They help people and entire systems, from teams to communities, understand and connect with the ways they are already well, resourceful and resilient by nature. At the same time, inclusive leaders continually seek to uplift sidelined and disadvantaged voices so that our collective circle of concern widens and new potentials for wellbeing unfold.

Global Wellness Institute: thankfulness can bring spirituality into our daily lives

The Wellness Moonshot thank

Let’s begin with a huge “THANKS!” We sincerely appreciate your dedication to spreading the mission of The Wellness Moonshot: A World Free of Preventable Disease to your corner of the globe. This GWI call to action is designed to empower a just, sustainable and well world for everyone—an audacious aim that comes to life through strategic country partnerships, a vibrant collaboration with Prevention magazine, and you. The team at the Global Wellness Institute celebrates your efforts to make wellness a priority in your workplace, families, communities and personal life.

GWI Wellness Moonshot: channel your intentions through your next move

GWI Wellness Moonshot move

As we touched on in an earlier Wellness Moonshot, movement is a biological drive as necessary as sleep or food, a natural medicine to stave off illness and disease and a vital source of empowerment for individuals and groups. As a wellness leader, you likely already know the science and strategies for using physical activity to elevate your daily life, family health, and the communities and organizations you serve. When we move, a host of mental, physical, emotional and social benefits arise, which helps us feel more energized, engaged, effective and alive.

Wellness Moonshot: How can we deliberately renew the mind, body and spirit – and help others do the same?

Wellness Moonshot:

When it comes to renewing ourselves and others—an imperative during the global Coronavirus pandemic—we wellness leaders can learn a lot from the moon. This beautiful sphere, unifying us all, orbits the Earth in about a month. Each day it appears to grow larger (waxing) or smaller (waning), reminding us earthlings that there is a natural cycle to everything. This cycle offers time to redouble our efforts toward achieving our personal or shared wellness moonshot and time to reset our priorities and personally refresh.