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Wellness Gastronomy: Lapinha Spa

wellness gastronomy lapinha

People have always thought that spa cuisine, or spa food, is made with fresh, often seasonal and organic ingredients, always presented in a simple, colorful way, with the focus on quality, not quantity. The idea behind spa cuisine was restriction not abundance, and was not well connected to gastronomy overall. While we cannot have copious […]

Wellness Gastronomy: Chablé Resorts

wellness gastronomy chable

We are what we eat. Interest in the origin of the food we eat is growing, people want to know how they contribute to our well-being and how their production and consumption can be carried out in a sustainable way. Aligned with these values, at Chablé we seek to strengthen the link between gastronomy and […]

Wellness Gastronomy: Kurotel, Centro Contemporâneo de Saúde e Bem-Estar

wellness gastronomy kurotel

Gastronomy has always been closely connected with wellbeing, food is also connected with moments of pleasure. The Kur Method understands that these moments of celebration and wellness can be associated with food and brings together nutrition and taste. Food does not have to be tasteless to be healthy! “The alchemy of natural spices and the […]