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Global Wellness Summit Day Two

My day kicked off with a group breakfast with Global Wellness Day Ambassadors and Key Supporters, a big surprise is coming later today!

Dr. Andrew Weil: How To Really Help People Make Healthy Lifestyle Choices

The US does not have a healthcare system, but a disease management system, spending more than almost every other developed nation. Prevention doesn’t pay; wellness doesn’t pay. How can we encourage people to live a more healthy life? If information can be presented in a way that connects with people, they will move in the right direction. To deliver the message, you must embody health and demonstrate health. To improve your habits, spend more time in the company of people who embody these habits. This works for diet, exercise, mental wellness and happiness. Governments need to support these health messages with taxes and subsidies in the right place. Mexico has seen success with its tax on sugary drinks. Fashion is powerful, how can we make wellness fashionable and fun? If we can recruit celebrities to promote a wellness lifestyle this can encourage positive change.


Press Release For Immediate Release SPA & WELLNESS MEXICO REBRANDS AND EXPANDS TO COVER THE CARIBBEAN AND LATIN AMERICA Spa & Wellness Mexico rebrands to Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe Circulation of Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe magazine will increase to over 12000 around Mexico, Caribbean and Latin America. Playa del Carmen, Mexico, 17th February 2017. Spa […]

Global Wellness Summit: Day 2

Day 2 of GWS started with a bang. Edie Weiner’s session, ‘The Double Paradigm Shift: The Global Economic Transformation Plus The Beginning Of Civilization Alpha’. This predicted future changes, opportunities and reactions. Weiner outlines how we are moving into the Metaspace Economy and need to consider 10 major areas of growth: Inner Space Outer Space […]

Global Wellness Summit: Day 1

For me, the most prevalent theme of day 1 at GWS was the connection between beauty and wellness. This 999 billion dollar industry is a huge sector of our industry and I believe beauty is still the driving force and motivation, behind so much of the spending in the entire wellness industry overall. Beauty has […]