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Wellness Tech

wellness tech

The Age of the Hybrid Spa Experience Every day the headlines are filled with ways in which technology combined with AI – Artificial Intelligence is propelling us to a different experience of living. These developments are redefining the delivery of wellness services – and usher in the age of the hybrid spa experience! With the […]

Alfaparf Milano skincare brands: Arrival and partnerships in Latin America

Which Alfaparf brands are available in Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America and who distributes them? We are focusing on introducing skin care lines and equipment to Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America. TeN Science is available in Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras, and will soon be available in Mexico. Solarium, our brand of sunscreens […]

Regenerative Agriculture: An Interview with Comfort Zone

In 2021, the Davines Group – Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center was announced, why is regenerative agriculture so important to the brand? As a Group, we embrace a regenerative vision of sustainability. We believe that the time has come to abandon the extractive approach, in favor of a regenerative one that can guarantee a […]

The Importance of Skin Health for Well Being: An Interview with Karen Ballou

interview immunocologie

What personal experiences led to the creation of Immunocologie? An interesting part of life’s journey is when the unexpected happens, and you suddenly learn that ‘nothing is by chance’. At those times, you find an inner resilience to make ‘lemonade out of lemons’. That happened to me. I worked with a French company that developed […]

2023 Spa & Wellness Trends

2023 Trends - 1

1. Wellness + Gathering: Wellness Comes for the Loneliness Epidemic By Beth McGroarty Loneliness is still skyrocketing, and the number one predictor of health and happiness is relationships. The biggest wellness trend is the development of new spaces and experiences that bring people together in real life, creatively and with intention, where social connection is […]

Red Light Therapy for the Face

Red light therapy has been used in dermatologist and esthetician offices for years. With new tools on the market, the benefits of red light can be obtained anywhere. Red light therapy is a technique that uses low-level wavelengths of visible red LEDs to rejuvenate the skin – with no harmful rays. Red light therapy helps […]

Immunocologie’s protocol for facial care

Facial protocol: Light Immunocologie’s Aurora candle to create a spa like atmosphere. Breath deeply, relax and enjoy your Home Spa Facial. 1) Begin by oil cleansing the skin with the Face Serum Oil, massaging the skin for at least a few minutes to loosen up blocked pores. 2) Double-cleanse with the Cleansing Lotion to fully […]

Treating Hyperpigmentation With Acids

Tratando la hiperpigmentación con ácidos Treating hyperpigmentation with acids

Hyperpigmentation appears as freckles, spots, caused by age, sun, hormones, internal factors (diseases), medications, acne scars, and even inflammation, which can all lead to dark spots. This skin irregularity, while not dangerous, can be aesthetically unpleasant. The best way to prevent them is by using sunscreen as the first line of defense, in addition to […]

Comfort Zone launches Sacred Nature in Mexico

Supported by the distribution and advanced therapy training of Satteva Spa and Wellness Concepts, led by consultant trainer Bonnie Baker, Comfort Zone launches the Sacred Nature product line in Mexico.

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