Herbalism in spas

Herbalism is the first known system of medicine and the basis of all other forms of medicine. It is the study of plants: their energy, flavors, patterns, affinities and actions. It is the study of the body: its energy, systems, patterns, afflictions and processes. And it is the art of intertwining these wisdoms with intention […]

Ancestral Plant Medicine

Many believe that plant medicines are powerful allies that can help humanity to heal and overcome the environmental, economical and mental health crisis that we are currently witnessing. The invitation to rituals, meetings and ceremonies using sacred medicinal plants with or without traditional healers has become more common.

Earth medicine: the value of real aromatherapy

Earth medicine: aromatherapy

Nature has provided humanity with a very powerful materia medica: essential oils. In Europe, aromatherapy is considered the queen of therapy in the 21st century. Some of the healing modalities carried out with essential oils through years of practice and experience with my patients I can call almost miraculous, if there were no scientific basis for how essential oils work.