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Sound Healing

sound therapy - myndstream

Spa Music Service Myndstream has launched a unique Spa Music Service, providing spas and independent therapists with a cost-effective solution to elevate the auditory experience within therapeutic environments. An ever-growing body of evidence shows the power that music has to meaningfully influence our mind and body. By conducting ongoing research on the effects of the […]

Spa Technology


Windsor Fitness is excited to announce the new representation of Hydromassage, which specializes in the manufacture and innovation of products that bring comfort, relief and relaxation to people around the world.

Hydromassage is an open massage system, in two formats: bed and lounge, which provides guests with 10-15 minutes of relaxation. It has the most powerful hydromassage units on the market with a touch screen for massage adjustments and multimedia entertainment options in addition to temperature control.

With the demands of work and the increase of the exercise routines, it is very important to take time to rest and to recharge. The benefits of massage are plentiful, but having the Hydromassage equipment in your facility could also provide a quick return on the investment. In addition, your partners and guests will love your facility.



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