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Interview with Alberto Cortina, Founder of Vitalí Spa


How was the concept of IntraSpa born and how did you integrate it into Vitalí Spa? The IntraSpa concept arose from 12 years of experience as a spa, which allowed us to understand what guests are looking for. Before becoming an IntraSpa, we only looked at human beings partially, seeing just symptoms (stress, depression, sadness, […]

IntraSpa a new spa concept


An IntraSpa offers treatments with deeper connection and more profound results; to provide physical comfort and a sense of mental and emotional calm, allowing access to the ‘inner self’. Alberto Cortina, founder of IntraSpa, calls this ‘the intra door’. The philosophy of an IntraSpa is that each person contains the answers and resources within them, […]

Interview: Vitalí Spa

vitalí spa

In recent times, equipment and facilities have been prioritized over spa therapists, how can we help them gain visibility? Traditionally, spa therapists have been seen as professionals in massage techniques and technology-based treatments. With the rise of wellness around the world, guests are looking to relieve stress and reconnect with themselves and their environment, in […]