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Interview with Ari Peralta

We asked Ari Peralta how spa and wellness businesses in Latin America can implement ‘Multisensory Integration’ for the benefit of their guests, and also their staff. 1. Circadian lighting – optimizing lighting for circadian health. [Circadian lighting can support health via intensity tuning (dimming and brightening lights depending on the time of day), color tuning […]

Global Wellness Summit 2022: Day 1

GWS 2022

Highlights from the Global Wellness Summit 2022 Global Wellness Summit Day 2 Global Wellness Summit Day 3   Opening Louie Schwartzberg founder & filmmaker, Moving Art, US A short film highlighted different religions and expressions of gratitude to a higher power. After overcoming adversity, many find gratitude in simple, everyday actions and pleasures. People who […]

Spa & Wellness Consultants Releases Consultancy Survey

The Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI) Spa & Wellness Consulting Initiative – a collection of over 150 global consultants – has released the first-ever consultancy survey results data in the form of an infographic.