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A Spa Experience: World Spa, New York, USA

World Spa

In the heart of Brooklyn, just a metro ride away from Manhattan, the World Spa offers guests a taste of luxury with extensive hydrothermal experiences from around the globe at a price point affordable to most. This wellness mecca boasts a range of heat and cold experiences with pools, snow, salt, aroma, infrared and ice […]

Halotherapy & Respiratory Wellness

Halotherapy & Respiratory Wellness - Haloterapia y bienestar respiratorio

Over the last 5 years, we have seen a slow, and steady increase of salt therapy/halotherapy facilities opening up, as well as spa and wellness properties adding halotherapy to their existing facilities. Driven by the pandemic, individuals are concerned about their respiratory health, hygiene and immunity and salt therapy is now in high demand. The […]

Salt Therapy: Modern Benefits of an Ancient Alchemy

‘Salt arises from the purest sources, the sun and the sea’ – Pythagoras

Salt is a familiar substance, yet like many ordinary things, it’s taken for granted. To understand its healing properties we must understand its nature and mystical contradictions.

Expert Panel: Q&A with Bonnie Baker

How many ways can halotherapy be used in a spa and integrated into the menu of services?

Spa Team
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Los Cabos, Mexico