Promoting hair strengthening treatments in resort spas and salons

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A healthy scalp is the foundation of good hair! Scalp health is vital to ensuring proper cell turnover, promoting the appearance of thicker and fuller-looking hair, and even hair loss prevention. The best way to help your guests achieve scalp wellness is by suggesting they pair both professional salon treatments with at home regimens, helping to boost your sales also. GrandeHAIR Enhancing Serum supports hair follicle health for healthier, thicker looking hair, making it an ideal enhancement.

American Spa Women in Wellness – Live Report by Sara Jones

Julie Keller opened the morning with a passionate speech about the inception of the Women in Wellness event and creating a forum for discussion about disparity in salaries and leadership positions across our industry. #AmericanSpaWIW

The theme of the day ‘Empowered Women, empower the world’ is displayed across the fitted t-shirt uniform of all the staff at the event, one of which will be given to each attendee in the gift bag. The bag supports women in India escaping the sex trade and features a handle of braided saris.

Julie talked about a fair future for her children to grow up in where #MeToo is a distant memory and equality is expected.

Lashes & Brows

Every woman wants longer, thicker eyelashes and fuller, bolder eyebrows. There’s nothing sexier than eyes framed by long luscious eyelashes and a natural-looking brow. You can get thick, long and dark lashes and brows even if you’re not naturally gifted with them. Lash and brow enhancers are a popular solution for women who want to improve their current features. These enhancers can be profitable retail products to support lash and brow salon services.