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Regenerative Agriculture: An Interview with Comfort Zone

In 2021, the Davines Group – Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center was announced, why is regenerative agriculture so important to the brand? As a Group, we embrace a regenerative vision of sustainability. We believe that the time has come to abandon the extractive approach, in favor of a regenerative one that can guarantee a […]


Preventing melasma and sun spots The production of melanin is a mechanism by which the skin protects itself from the action of solar radiation and other agents such as smog and dust, etc. Ideally it should occur in a uniform way, but due to genetic, external and lifestyle factors, this production can manifest itself in […]

Comfort Zone launches Sacred Nature in Mexico

Supported by the distribution and advanced therapy training of Satteva Spa and Wellness Concepts, led by consultant trainer Bonnie Baker, Comfort Zone launches the Sacred Nature product line in Mexico.