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Hamam – The Ancient Cleansing and Detox Ritual of Anatolia

Hamam – where wellness, healing and luxury have unified for centuries.

The hamam treatment is the one practice where skin cleansing, mental purification, deep exfoliating, and detoxifying massage come together to bring you the ultimate rejuvenation and balance.

The hamam bathing ritual was one of the most important pillars of the social life of the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish hamam was (and still is) where the tradition of physical and mental purification takes place. As your body and skin are cleaned and purified from toxins, blood circulation increases and the immune system is stimulated which resets the mind and body in balance. As most ancient practices lost momentum in transition to the new world, the hamam treatment is probably one of the oldest rituals which has increasingly gained popularity in nearly every corner of the world.

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