Beekeeping in Spas

Honey production takes around six to eight months and is carefully extracted from the hives by our spa shaman, who is in charge of maintaining and protecting the hives.

Melipona honey is combined with herbal compresses with infusions of herbal tea providing medicinal and healing properties. The honey is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, eliminates blemishes, aids healing and is rich in vitamins and minerals.


By Geancarlo de Porta
Spa & Gym Manager
Viceroy Riviera Maya



Wayak Spa
Viceroy Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya, Mexico


In 2010, the local office of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) joined together with Fairmont Mayakoba and the 'Flor de Tajonal' cooperative to support the creation of a brand of products made from melipona honey; resulting in the installation of melipona bee apiaries in the spa garden.


The melipona bee, an endemic species of the Yucatan Peninsula (today in danger of extinction), has no sting and produces honey valued for its medicinal properties. Spa treatments based on melipona honey are combined with the Vichy shower to hydrate and nourish the skin. Mayan communities are also supported through the use and purchase of this product.


By Jessica Lonngi
Assistant Spa Director
Fairmont Mayakoba



Willow Stream
Fairmont Mayakoba

Riviera Maya, Mexico