Global Wellness Summit 2019 - Day Three

Anna Bjurstam, a leader in the industry in addition to being a shaman talked about energy medicine, mind-altering substances and connecting with things we cannot see. Science is often disconnection where energy is connection. We can connect with the energy field through the heart, which sends more messages to the brain than vice-versa. Energy medicine must be combined with wellness. 



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Professor Martin Palmer constructs environmental programs that align with each faith. Eight percent of the planet's land is owned by various faiths and over 4 million people go on a pilgrimage each year. Eighty percent of the world's population follows a faith. Spirituality must be aligned with wellness and we must not be afraid to explore it further. "Imagine that you're here to be a blessing... what would you do?" We need to tend our relationship with the divine, our neighbor, with ourselves and the rest of creation. 


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Peggy Chan takes food from appealing to healing. Raising awareness of the issues with the food sourcing system. The carbon emission difference between dining out and a home-cooked meal is surprisingly close. Restaurants can, however, reduce their emissions with a few changes. 


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Melisse Gelula, co-founder of Well & Good, shared her story of travel and disconnection for a type-a personality after the acquisition of the company last year. 


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The Shark Tank of Wellness Award Winner, Jasmin Darling received her award for the countertop produce keeper, Wel. The device keeps fruit and vegetables in the right environment and promotes healthy eating by increasing the visibility of produce.  


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Neil Jacobs, CEO of Six Senses explained the process of acquisition they went through last year when they were bought fro $300 million USD and how maintaining the brand integrity remains important as they proceed to grow from 19 properties to over 50 in the coming years.


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Aging doesn't need to be something to fear, according to Dave McCaughan who would like people to be referred to as 'new life builders'. These individuals tend to have the best outlook on life and are starting new businesses and tackling challenges faced by many.


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Bill Bensley of Bensley Architecture has written a set of environmental hotel design standards that can help the thousands of hotels that will be built have less of an impact on the environment. At one location, a bottling plant was set up to eliminate single-use plastic bottles and was paid back in just 1.2 years, making good business sense and reducing the plastic waste created by the hotel.


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The leader in sustainability awards was presented to Bill Bensley


Nash Siamwalla PhD, of The Zen Solution, samurai and mindfulness expert was asked 'if you encounter someone trying to stab you with a knife, what would you do?' The answer? Run!


A good samurai must always be mindful and constantly try to improve oneself to take good care of others. Here at GWS, we are all samurai! 


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Mia Kyricos was awarded as the leading woman in wellness, an industry pioneer for her entire career, Mia now heads wellness for Hyatt hotels.


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Susie returned to the stage at the end of the summit to announce the location of next year's Global Wellness Summit will be held in....




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