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Lefay Resort & Spa Lago Di Garda


Lefay Resort & Spa
36 Via Angelo Feltrinelli, Provincia di Brescia
Gargnano, Lombardia,

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Lefay Spa

Review by Spa & Wellness MexiCaribe

Lefay Resort & Spa is situated in a petit village overlooking the stunning Lake Garda in northern Italy. The air is clear and crisp and the views expansive and breathtaking; you cannot help but feel healthy from the moment you arrive at this striking destination. The 11-hectare natural park sets the scene for a wellness experience immersed in nature, with winding hiking paths, rolling hills, vibrant colors, secluded copses and meditative spaces.

The extensive Lefay Spa covers two floors and provides guests with a variety of hydrothermal experiences to enjoy from morning to evening without the need to reserve. The indoor to outdoor saltwater swimming pool features various hydrotherapy stations with jets and hydro-massage. An outdoor Jacuzzi and large infinity edge lap pool impresses with a view of the lake stretching out below before mountains peak in the distance. The sauna area features an array of different heat and humidity experiences including the Water and Fire Sauna, a traditional Finnish sauna with high heat and low humidity, the Caligo Steam room, 90-98% humidity and moderate heat, the Aromatic Sauna with moderate heat and 60-70% humidity and the Olive Tree Sauna with medium heat and 40% humidity. A floral fragranced sauna offers a place for ladies only to relax next to the Hammam, with medium-high heat and 80% humidity.

The Ice Pool allows guests to cool and balance their temperature by plunging into cold water while crushed ice is also available from the ice chute to stimulate blood flow and cool the skin, post-sauna.

Relaxation areas complement these heat and cold experiences with comfy lounge chairs overlooking the lake, waterbeds to doze on in The Turquoise Grotto and floor mattresses in a Middle Eastern style, curtained alcove.

One of the many highlights of Lefay Spa is “La Luna nel Lago” (the moon in the lake) a warm salt-water, thalassotherapy flotation pool with a large model of a moon suspended overhead. This ethereal space provides the perfect setting for deep relaxation and meditation while the body is suspended in the mineral rich water.

The fitness area accompanies the spa with a Technogym equipped studio overlooking the lake and an exercise room for classes including yoga, stretching, toning, Qi Gong, abdominal workouts and specially customized seasonal classes to assist the body with temperature and climate changes in line with traditional Chinese medicine philosophies.

The Lefay Method is a uniquely tailored program offered to guests of Lefay, developed and practiced by the doctors at Lefay to combine traditional Chinese medicine and western scientific research innovation. At my initial discovery consultation I was advised the right energy balancing massages, hydro-aromatherapy and phyto-aromatherapy, holistic therapeutic garden experiences and body-mind balancing exercises for me to gain the most from my stay. My therapy prescription included moxibustion –a therapeutic Chinese technique of burning a tightly bound stick of medicinal herbs close to specific points over the back that correspond to acupuncture points, these points were determined by the doctor and the subsequent treatment specifically tailored to my needs.

The Energy and Therapeutic Garden includes five stations around a two-kilometer circuit that symbolize respiration, reflection, energy flow and nutrition corresponding to stages of life, colors, seasons and emotions. Best experienced with a guide to learn about the principles and ethos behind its creation.

While staying at Lefay Resort & Spa, guests can rebalance and rejuvenate with one of eight different wellness programs including general health improvement or specific targeted programs such as weight loss, sports and postural correction, detox and sleep improvement.

Cuisine at Lefay Resort & Spa delivers fresh, flavorful ingredients, many of which are seasonal and local aligned with the principles of the Mediterranean diet. There is a strong emphasis on showcasing the best Italian flavors and dishes, so expect to enjoy a lot of olive oil, vibrant colorful vegetables and fruits, seafood, pasta, cheese, herbs and yes, bread!

Trattoria la Vigna serves lunch and dinner with a buffet style spread while La Grande Limonaia restaurant opens for dinner serving sophisticated Mediterranean cuisine, often incorporating their signature ingredient of lemon. My guest and I were enchanted by the Il Limone dessert, a deliciously sharp lemon flavored ice cream with a lemon yellow outer shell served over a misty cloud of liquid nitrogen designed to be reminiscent of the early morning fog over Lake Garda.

Sara Jones

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